BMW 2 Series Wheels

The number of “series,” or product lines available from BMW has proliferated dramatically in recent years. The even-numbered series are all coupes, starting with the 6 Series and, more recently, the 4 Series. Now, two-door coupes from BMW start with the 2 Series.

Entry-level BMW? Perhaps, if you consider the 228’s base 240 hp turbocharged power plant and the M235’s 320 hp inline six “entry level.” More realistically, think of the 2 Series as BMW’s recognition that they must compete at every price point and at every vehicle size range while still delivering “the ultimate driving machine.”

The BMW 2 Series represents exactly that and are truly performance machines entirely entitled to wear the distinctive blue and white BMW badge. But don’t performance machines deserve performance-enhancing wheels? Doesn’t your 2 Series deserve aftermarket BMW 2-Series rims from Beyern Wheels?

Beyern aftermarket BMW 2 Series wheels are ultra lightweight aluminum alloy masterpieces manufactured using advanced production technologies, such as rotary forging. Lighter weight directly translates into performance increases across the board. They are engineered to specifications that precisely match 2 Series requirements, and even accept factory lugs, center cap and TPMS. And they are wider than OE wheels.

Beyern wheels for your 2 Series are available in five stunning designs: a classic Mesh model, a ravishing 25-spoke Multi design, the clean, crisp 5-spoke Rapp model, the elaborate ten-spoke latticework Munich model and the ten paired-spoke, rotary forged Spartan model.

Click on the Configurator tab to preview each of the thiurteen variants of custom BMW wheels we offer and decide which ones give your BMW 2 Series the distinctive look you’re after.