BMW 5 Series Wheels

Just right. Not too big. Not too small. The BMW 5 Series, reaching back over 30 years and now in its sixth generation, is the perfect mid-size executive luxury car. Always in classic BMW proportions, with timeless styling, a spacious interior, a sporty spirit and always evolving aerodynamics, one senses that it was the 5 Series they had in mind when they coined the term, The Ultimate Driving Machine. Doesn’t yours deserve the ultimate aftermarket BMW 5 Series wheels from Beyern?

The 5 Series was the first BMW to get the numerical designation that now defines BMWs from the 2 Series through the 7 Series. The original E12 set the pace from ’72 to ’78, followed by the E28 through ‘88, the E34 until ’96, the E39 to ’03, the E60/61 through ’11 and the current F10/07 iteration since 2012.

Current BMW 5 Series include sedans and wagons in both 2 and 4 wheel drive, a sporty Gran Turismo fastback, an M spec and a gas/electric hybrid. Add to that variations with 240, 300 or 445 hp engines and there’s certainly a 5 Series for everyone.

At Beyern, we have lightweight custom alloy made-to-fit rims for BMW 5 Series for every model going back to the 1997 model year. Choose from a wide variety of aftermarket BMW 5 Series rims in sizes from 18x8.5 front and rear, or step up to a staggered fitment with rear wheels one to one and a half inches wider than in front and in diameters up to 20x8.5 front/20x10 rear. Click on the Configurator tab to visually test fit all thirteen model/finish combinations of Beyern BMW 5 Series wheels on a rendering of your year, model and color 5 Series.