BMW 6 Series Wheels

Among big luxury coupes, few rival the BMW 6 Series. Its agile responsiveness, exclusive elegance, slippery dynamics and luxurious leather-clad interior combine to make it as much a sculptured work of art as an automobile.

Amazingly, the original 6 Series was such a classic that it lasted essentially unchanged for its entire 13-year run, from 1976 to 1989. Then, after a lengthy hiatus, it reemerged completely rethought in 2004. The current models came on the scene in 2011, more gorgeous, technically advanced and lavishly appointed than ever.

The 6 Series has always been BMWs most exclusive offering, with fewer than 10,000 sold per year in the United States. Those sales are spread among 640 and 650 lines, with 315 and 445 turbo charged horses respectively, both lines available as a true coupe, a convertible and an oxymoronic (but lovely) four door Gran Coupe, all available as 2WD or AWD, and M variants of each. If you drive a 6 Series you truly drive a car unlike few others.

Beyern aftermarket BMW 6 Series wheels make your 6er even more exclusive. More exclusive and much more generously shod. For while stock 6 Series wheels are a mere 18-inch diameter by 8 inches wide, our smallest custom BMW 6 Series rims start at 18x8.5. We aggressively support staggered fitments, meaning wheels one to one and a half inches wider on the rear axle, for added grip and a more muscular appearance. We offer both standard and staggered fitments in 18 inch, 19 inch and 20 inch sizes, with rear wheels topping out at a massive 20x10. Then, for the extreme tuners among you, we also offer 22-inch diameter wheels fully compatible with your 6 Series.

Click on the Configurator tab to preview each of the thirteen variants we offer of custom BMW wheels made to fit you 6.