BMW 7 Series Wheels

There are few experiences in autodom more intoxicating than slipping into the resplendent cabin of a full-size European luxury sedan. And there are no other European luxury sedans than the BMW 7 Series that can rightfully claim to be “the driver’s luxury sedan.”

Now in its fifth generation, first introduced in 1977, the BMW 7 Series has always been that uncommon combination of sumptuous luxury, cutting edge technology and passionate performance—three characteristics that also define Beyern custom lightweight alloys, the ultimate upgrade to the ultimate driving machine.

Beyern aftermarket BMW 7 Series wheels are available in specifications to precisely match the most recent 20 model years of BMW’s flagship product line and are available in five stunning designs: a classic Mesh model, an Alpina-inspired 25-spoke Multi design, the clean, crisp 5-spoke Rapp model, the elaborate ten-spoke latticework Munich model and the ten paired-spoke Spartan model that somehow seems to encapsulate the entire BMW design canon.

In those models, you can indulge your desires with aftermarket 7 Series wheels made to fit in finishes including classic chrome, hyper silver and either matte or gloss black and detailing such as mirror lips.

On the performance front, Beyern aftermarket BMW 7 Series rims enable you to upsize your wheel package from the undersized 19-inch OE wheels to 20-inch and 22-inch diameter Beyern wheels in widths up to 10.5 inches. Our panoply of wheel sizes support a variety of staggered fitments in which rear wheels and tires are one and half inches wider than the front axle package. A staggered fitment provides greater rear axle grip under acceleration and while cornering, as well as adding gobs of visual attitude.

Obviously, if you are a 7 Series owner, you have distinctive tastes. We invite you to click on the Configurator tab to preview each of the thirteen variants of custom BMW wheels we offer and decide which meet with your approval.