BMW M Series Wheels

M Stands for Motorsports. M stands for “modified.” M stands for heart-pounding exhilaration, agile precision and Nurburgring-proven performance. If you drive one of BMW’s “race cars for everyday use” you are clearly a human in a hurry.

Modified engines, transmissions, brakes, suspension, interior trim, aerodynamics and, of course, larger wheels and tires mean today’s M3, M4, M5 and M6 are vehicles that seriously stand apart from the rest of the BMW family.

Beyern Wheels, too, is all about performance, so we offer the ultimate “modification,” with aftermarket, made-to-fit M3 wheels, M4 wheels, M5 wheels and M6 wheels, precision-manufactured with exotic, ultra light alloys. That includes aftermarket BMW M3 wheels and BMW M4 wheels up to 20x8.5 front/20x10 rear,BMW M5 wheels up to 22x9 front and rear and BMW M6 wheels up to 20x9 fro0nt/20x10 rear.

Larger diameter, wider wheels not only amp your M Series’ attitude, they also permit the fitment of higher performance ultra low profile tires, adding rubber on the road under acceleration and cornering.

M Series BMWs are distinctive creatures and Beyern wheels add an exclusive, highly personalized touch. We offer made custom engineered M3 rims, M4 rims, M5 rims and M6 rims in thirteen variations of design and finish, including silver, chrome and both matte and gloss black.

Click on the fitment guide to find complete specifications for each of the Beyern aftermarket BMW M3 rims, BMW M4 rims, BMW M5 rims and BMW M6 rims that are precise and perfect fits for your year and model BMW.