BMW X Series Wheels

Just as there is a BMW for everyone, there is a BMW SAV for everyone. Today BMW makes available variants of its popular X Series SAVs in X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6 models. Which one has stolen your heart?

Beyern custom aftermarket wheels are made to fit each X Series SAV. We offer precision-engineered aftermarket BMW X1 rims, BMW X2 rims, BMW X3 rims, BMW X4 rims, BMW X5 rims and BMW X6 rims, all available in five stunning designs: a classic Mesh model, the stunning 25-spoke Multi design, the clean, crisp 5-spoke Rapp model, the elaborate ten-spoke latticework Munich model and the ten paired spoke Spartan model that somehow seems to encapsulate the entire BMW design canon.

Beyern aftermarket BMW X Series wheels are made with ultra lightweight aluminum alloy and are manufactured using advanced weight-saving production technologies, such as rotary forging. Lighter weight directly translates into performance increases across the board. They are engineered to specifications that precisely match your X Series’ requirements, and accept factory lugs, center cap and TPMS.

And they are bigger and wider than OE wheels. Beyern custom BMW X1 wheels, BMW X3 wheels and BMW X4 wheels are available in sizes up to 20x9, BMW X5 wheels in sizes up to 22x9 and BMW X6 wheels in sizes up to 22x11. Sizes like that make a real statement and are sure to set your X Series apart from the crowd.

Click on the Configurator tab to preview each of the thirteen variants of custom BMW wheels we offer and decide which ones give your BMW X Series the distinctive look you’re after.