Beyern Wheels Company

Beyern Wheels Company- About Us

Beyern Wheels was created as a company with the strictly defined mission of designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality, high precision, high style aftermarket wheels to fit BMW vehicles, and only BMWs. We do not make OE BMW wheels or copies of original equipment BMW wheels. We engineer aftermarket wheels that make you want to take off your original BMW wheels.

Focusing on BMW wheels enables us to pay close attention to the strict standards and unique specifications of BMW vehicles. Our wheels are made to fit each BMW model precisely. And our wheels are designed with a heightened sensitivity to the distinctive, Teutonic oeuvre that defines the fitments. That extends beyond design and into the realm of performance. For example, it has led us to invest in manufacturing technologies that are at the state of the art in wheel making, such as rotary forging. Rotary forging produces lighter wheels than traditionally cast wheels and lighter weight translates into performance improvements across the board. Beyern aggressively promotes staggered wheels. Staggered fitments also improve performance by upsizing rear axle wheels to one to one and a half inches wider than on the front axle. Wider wheels and tires improve both acceleration traction and road holding.

Beyern is especially proud that the Mesh has won certification by the well-respected TUV Austria testing labs. The certification demonstrates that, after rigorous testing, Beyern Mesh wheels comply with stringent German industry standards. The TUV Certifications can be downloaded at

At Beyern we only do one thing and do it right. Custom aftermarket wheels to fit BMW vehicles.