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February 16, 2012

Beyern Wheels Introduces New High Performance Rotary Forged® Wheels /RF™ BMW Wheel

New Bavaria Model, available in 17" to 20" sizes, is engineered exclusively for BMW.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Beyern Wheels, designers and manufacturers of BMW wheels, has introduced remarkable new high performance BMW rims, the Bavaria, matching the ultimate wheel to the "ultimate driving machine."

Bavaria BMW custom wheels are manufactured using a highly advanced production technology called rotary forging. In rotary forging, the wheel is spun at high speed while the outer rim is forged under high pressure. The process alters the alloy's molecular structure to both enhance its strength and substantially decrease the wheels' weight. Importantly, the weight savings is achieved primarily in the outer rim of the wheel, dramatically reducing rotational mass, thus enhancing vehicle performance.

The Bavaria provides a fresh, new, visually striking alternative for BMW purists seeking something more in 3 series BMW wheels, 5 series BMW wheels, 6 series BMW wheels or 7 series BMW wheels. The Bavaria lineup also includes X series BMW wheels for BMW SUVs. The wheel is available in a wide range of symmetrical and staggered sizes, from 17" x 8" to 20" x 10.5, all engineered with the factory-specified offsets for the various BMW models. All wheel specifications are available on the Beyern website at

"Engineering and performance are our passions at Beyern wheels," commented Beyern Wheels president Terence Scheckter. "So it is indeed a triumph to be able to offer a rotary-forged wheel to this demanding marketplace."

How will the Bavaria wheels for BMW look on your year, paint color and model Bimmer? Stop by the Bayern online garage at and launch the BMW Wheels Configurator to visually test fit the full line of Bayern wheels on your vehicle.

Beyern offers sixteen different BMW wheels and finishes in staggered BMW wheel applications from 17 inch through 22 inch wheels with up to a 4 inch lip. Beyern wheels for BMW are known for their massive machine cut lips. Each wheel is engineered to accept the OE BMW center cap as well as the factory TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). All wheels are built to Beyern's strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight, creating high performance wheels that are a precise fit.

All Beyerns BMW wheels have been load rated. A load rating refers to a maximum allowable weight that a given BMW wheel has been tested and rated at. All BMW wheels can be rated differently, for instance a passenger car wheel will require a smaller load rating than a heavier SUV. A vehicle manufacturer will give a standard GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) to each of its vehicles. This rating is the maximum allowable weight for a fully loaded vehicle including passengers and extra equipment. At that point each BMW wheel is then tested and rated according to the GVWR of all the vehicles they were meant to be mounted on.

All Beyern BMW wheels are created to be perfectly hub centric and are made to the tightest tolerances. "When it comes to BMW wheels, Beyern has the perfect fit.Our wheels are hub centric and built to ensure a smooth, vibration free ride," says Terence Scheckter, president of Beyern Wheels.

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