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July 12, 2012

Beyern Introduces New Custom Wheel Options for the Most Highly Discriminating BMW Owners

New three-piece Henne model marries smart appearance with innovative engineering.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

BMW owners are a breed apart, certainly as loyal to their marque as any group of drivers out there and, if not a little snooty, then at least highly individualistic and discerning to the Nth degree. It is with these owners in mind that Beyern Wheels has introduced the new rotary forged Henne model of BMW wheels. It is a three-piece triumph of engineering, perfectly matched to the BMW ethos. And it is available now at Beyern dealers across North America and worldwide.

Beyern Wheels for BMW came into existence solely to cater to the needs of the BMW crowd, creating a unique family of 3-series BMW wheels, 5-series BMW wheels and 7-series BMW wheels. "BMW has always stood at the nexus of German engineering and a certain Teutonic design minimalism," observed Terence Scheckter, President of Beyern Wheels. "The Henne is the latest example of our ability to design and manufacture precision BMW wheels that deliver on both the performance and aesthetic fronts," Scheckter added.

The new Henne model employs an innovative three-piece design, highlighted by a hard-cut mesh motif. Each of eight "tuning fork" spokes radiates from the center hub to a robust bolt ring, attached to the outer two-piece forged rim with twenty-four machine fasteners. The outer rim has a prominent, deep lip, part of Beyern's commitment to engineer each wheel to the exact fitment requirements of the "ultimate driving machine." The Henne is available in Silver, with a mirror-cut face and chrome lip, in Chrome and in Black with a chrome lip.

BMW aficionados can preview to Henne and see exactly how each of the three finishes will look on their model, year and color Bimmer by visiting the Beyern online showroom at The Henne is just one of six distinctive models of Beyern wheels BMW wheels and all six can be previewed in the online wheel configurator. The same web location features a gallery of over 200 images uploaded by actual customers, showcasing a wide variety of Beyern wheels on the full range of BMW models.

The Henne wheel is available in three diameters, 19 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch. In each diameter, multiple widths are available, from 8.5 inches to 11 inches. This permits BMW owners to select a staggered footprint, in which the rear wheels and tires are slightly larger than the front wheels. A staggered footprint not only promotes greater off-the-line traction and higher lateral acceleration, but also provides the vehicle with a more aggressive stance. Each of the Henne BMW rims includes a massive lip, ranging from 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Beyern wheels accommodate OE center caps and factory lug bolts.

For a dealer near you, call 1-800-479-9723 or visit Beyern BMW Wheels on the web at Beyern dealers are located throughout North America and worldwide, including Discount Tire Direct on the web at