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November 18, 2014

Beyern Introduces New Multi-piece Aftermarket BMW Wheels, Launches New, Friendlier Website.

Widest, largest inventory of custom wheels exclusively for BMWs can now be viewed, compared, test fit and even ordered online.

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Huntington Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Beyern, designer and manufacturer of aftermarket wheels strictly for BMWs has celebrated the introduction of their new multi-piece wheel, dubbed “Munich,” with the launch of an entirely new, greatly advanced website.

Munich BMW wheels from Beyern are a 2015 release and feature a deeply recessed, elaborate ten-spoke latticework, an intricate design made possible by employing two-piece construction. The spokes and hub are cast, an approach that supports maximum design latitude, then fusion welded to a lightweight forged outer barrel. The result is a combination of great looks and high performance. The Munich is available in silver with a machined face and chrome lip and in a tuxedo-black matte finish. The wheels are manufactured to exacting BMW standards in 18, 19, 20 and 22-inch diameters and paired to achieve staggered fitments, with rear-axle wheels one-half to two inches wider than up front.

“We named the Munich in homage to BMW’s world headquarters,” observed Terence Scheckter, president of Beyern Wheels. “We really consider the Munich multi piece wheel a masterstroke of the wheel maker’s art, both in appearance and in the use of casting and forging technologies. It provides a distinctive upgrade to any BMW,” Scheckter added.

The new website can be found at It is designed to better serve prospective customers and certified dealers by delivering improved navigation, detailed wheel descriptions, videos, an enhanced dealer support section and an advanced tool to test fit each wheel on renderings of each year, model and color BMW, Visitors will discover that the new Beyern website enables them to shop for wheels in a variety of ways. Users can search for BMW Rims by style, size, finish, design, construction or by BMW model. Beyern engineers wheels in a wide range of specifications to precisely fit all BMWs, including BMW M3 wheels, M5 wheels and BMW X5 wheels. Each of the five Beyern wheel designs can be viewed on the website in detailed photographs that are downloadable. They can be seen mounted on any model BMW using the Wheel Configurator tool. It allows users to pull up an image of their year, model and color BMW, select 18, 19, 20 or 22-inch diameter wheels, as available, and test fit each Beyern wheel and finish, including chrome, silver, and black BMW rims in matte black and gloss black with different distinctive detailing.

Updated sections on the website, found under the “Explore Beyern” tab, discuss company philosophy and technology, address FAQs about the aftermarket BMW wheels and, in the “Press” section, explore a wide range of topics of interest to BMW fans. Image downloads include hi-res JPEGs of each Beyern wheel and each BMW model equipped with Beyern wheels. Of special note is the Customer Gallery with numerous photos customers have uploaded of their BMWs with a fresh set of Beyern wheels.

Beyern employs multiple manufacturing methods to achieve their design and performance objectives and the improved website enables users to search for wheels using each of the construction methods: Casting, rotary forging® and multi-piece wheels that combine casting and forging in one wheel.

The Beyern Mesh, Multispoke and Rapp models are traditional cast wheels, in which a molten aluminum alloy is poured into an intricate clamshell mold. Casting is a system that provides ultimate design flexibility, essential to achieving the cutting edge looks for which Beyern is widely known. Details that set the Mesh apart include a very pronounced lip and the ten prominent “tuning fork” spokes that radiate from a recessed center hub to a highly polished outer barrel. The Alpina-inspired Multi Spoke includes 25 blades in all, artfully arcing from the center hub to the massive mirror-cut lip. The Rapp is a clean straightforward five-spoke design, robust and heroic in temperament.

The Spartan wheel from Beyern is manufactured using process called rotary forging®. The goal is to minimize wheel weight while actually increasing its strength and durability. The Spartan is forged from a unique aluminum alloy, which is spun at high speed under intense pressure as the wheel is formed. This fundamentally alters the molecular properties of the alloy, creating a much tighter grain structure than found in a cast wheel. The resulting mechanical strength allows Beyern engineers to reduce the thickness of the outer barrel, achieving weight saving that accrues to the outer-most circumference of the rim. That means rotational mass is dramatically reduced, boosting performance across the board. The Spartan’s eight bold U-shaped spokes are highly evocative of the BMW design ethos, and the wheel is available in silver, chrome and matte black. The new Munich model, as noted, includes the best attributes of cast wheels and forged wheels.

Certified Beyern dealers can use the new website’s Dealer Center to query the company’s Huntington Beach, California warehouse inventory and even order wheels online. Orders received by 4pm ET are shipped the same day. For consumers, the site includes a zip code dealer locator for the United States, 888-766-7775 for additional help finding a dealer and a tool to research dealers in dozens of other countries. Beyern dealers, located across the United States and around the world, are wheel and tire experts with special expertise in BMW fitments.